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Immerse Yourself in
Other Cultures
Anytime, Anywhere

Optimize Student Experience.


Reduce anxiety.

Attending a new school is nerve-wracking, never mind when it is in a foreign country. Prepare students for everything from how to get to class to participation expectations.

Avoid frustration.

A culture’s social norms penetrate everything from relationship building to academic standards and expectations. Failure to understand these result in frustrating and often irreversible missteps that greatly influence the experience of students, faculty and staff.


A safe, fun way to try out new situations and experience various outcomes helps students adapt to new environments at their own pace. Students who do not adapt well to university environments leave, and with them go their tuition dollars.

Customary screenshot on mobile


The image of a key overlayed on an arrow, going through an open door


Customary is a mobile platform for iOS and Android that does not require any special set-up or even a Wi-Fi connection.

simplified human busts being drawn to a classic "U" shaped magnet


Illustrative scenes and challenging questions guide the user.

a simplified analog clock. The time is approximately 12:37


Play through modules in a short, predictable time period and replay or use the content glossary anytime a refresher is needed.

the clipart image of a human profile, with an information arrow being absorbed into their brain.


Situated learning method proven to increase understanding and retention of information while increasing confidence in application.


for tablets and mobile devices

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Customary US

Customary Japan

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